In daPonte MEDIA we love music and we know that a show means long hours of dedication by many professionals before the artists come to stage.

We also know that it is very important that this dedication has webcasting (spreading all over the web). Today more than ever, the image of an artist or an institution is understood as an accurate and verified reflection of his professionalism and solvency, as is his cover letter too. Social networks and websites are an essential channel to make it public; for this reason we offer to musicians and organizations related to classical music (festivals, associations, auditoriums, schools, choirs ...) the start-up and management of their digital identity.

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The website is the responsible to offer the professional information about the musician, festival, auditorium or school related to classical music, from the biography and career to the agenda and the professional contact, through multimedia galleries of images, audio and video.

In daPonte MEDIA we deal with all technical aspects (domain, hosting, email accounts, compatibility with browsers and mobile devices, SEO ...) and functional website, from the design, maintenance, structure and content until the training to do it yourself ... everything according to your corporate or personal brand and as part of other elements of your digital identity.


Social networks allow musicians, festivals, schools and auditoriums related to classical music broadcasting its forthcoming events and open a direct channel of communication with the public, students, colleagues...

From daPonte MEDIA we advise you on the most appropriate social networks according to your needs and we will help you plan content, to develop and spread it. All based on your corporate or personal brand and coordinated with the other elements that make up your digital identity.

We deal with the technical aspects, such as creating and configuring different accounts according to your needs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.), as well as its management and the training to do it on your own.


Internet presence is essential to improve visibility of musicians and organizations related to classical music (festivals, associations, auditoriums, schools, choirs ...). Manage content related to professional activity properly allows to transfer your own personality to this media, encompassed in the concept of digital identity.

In daPonte MEDIA we help you to coordinate all the aspects of this identity, from the website where contents as the biography, career path or agenda are concentrated, to social networks where topical issues are spread and you can interact with followers and professionals.

daPonte MEDIA

It is not surprising that the first ideas about daPonte MEDIA arose at a dinner after the opera, and the project was consolidated from symphonic concert to chamber concert because music is part of our daily life, and in music converge our technical and humanities training, and our experience in the digital world.

We have chosen our name to commemorate Lorenzo da Ponte. We admire his inspiration, his curiosity, his ability to do new things and his capacity of adaptation to all circumstances; we aspire to be as good companions for musicians as he was, and if you allow (us to develop those two words) the word game, to build bridges between musicians and music lovers.

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